Your Wedding Survival Kit

Your mind is racing. Do your bridesmaids all have their hair done? Did your grandparents find their corsages? Did the baker get your message about having the cake be chocolate instead of vanilla?! You may have a million thoughts sprinting through your mind. But rest assured . . .you can take a deep breath because your personal attendant prepared for a time such as this.

She brought the wedding survival kit.

No matter how much you planned, wedding hiccups are bound to happen in one form or another. That's why it's nice to have some "just in case" items on hand!

Here's 42 items that every bride and bridal party should have at their disposal on the big day:

1. Mini sewing kit

Complete with needle and thread, it's perfect for the mini clothing emergency.

2. Tweezers

Need we explain further?

3. Blister ointment

You never know when there'll be a lot of walking in some not-so-comfortable footwear.

4. Lotion

Combat dry skin with some moisturizer. Wouldn't want dry hands in the receiving line!

5. Mints/gum

This one doesn't need much explanation. We all know what happens when you don't have time to do a full teeth cleaning throughout the day. Talking, eating, and nerves make for not-the-best breath.

6. Blotting wipes

The stresses of the day can show themselves in the most irritating ways. Having blotting pads for perspiration or oily skin is always wise.

7. Baby powder

Speaking of perspiration, sweat is a nasty side-effect of crowded rooms and hot days. Help the bride feel fresh as a daisy with some emergency on-hand baby powder!

8. Extra undergarments

For when the baby powder just isn't enough.

9. Tampons

It never hurts in case an emergency arises (for the bride or someone else!)

10. Sunscreen

Even if your bride seems to be immune to the red-skin syndrome that the sun inflicts on the fare skinned, her wedding day would be a real shame to take a chance on that.

11. Tide-to-Go Pen

For the butterfingers moments . . .we all know how stains happen at the worst moments. Don't let stains ruin the day!

12. Floss

To keep those pearly whites looking clean and fresh!

13. Q-tips and makeup remover

To erase those make-up "uh-oh's".

14. First-aid kit

We would hope that this isn't needed but is still a good idea to have on-hand!

15. Bobby pins

Every person with double XX chromosome knows that these are as easily lost as that one white sock that you can never find . . .

16. Benadryl

Especially if you're having an outdoor wedding, it's a good idea to be precautious in case allergies kick in.

17. Granola bars

It wouldn't hurt to have a wide assortment of mess-free goodies. For the quick energy pick-me-up! And to satisfy a growling stomach.

18. Clear nail polish

To fix those minor nail chips that always seem to appear much too soon after they've been painted . . .

19. Advil/Ibuprofen

Cramps or other bodily pains would be, well, a huge pain to have on such a momentous day.

20. Chapstick

Even though you may have lathered up the lips this morning, that can wear off as the day goes on. It's nice to have some moisturizing chapstick on hand at all times!

21. Fabric tape

Remember who said that tape fixes everything? Me neither. But let's hope it's a saying that sticks.

22. Earring backs

Second to bobby pins, every female know that earring backs are easily lost. Every female with pierced ears would be forever grateful to have extras on hand.

23. Hand wipes

Clamminess or sheer stickiness from who-knows-what won't stand a chance against your hand wipes.

24. Eye drops

An early morning with much activity can lead to dry eyes. Make sure you have drops handy for contact-wearers and naked eyes alike.

25. Fake wedding ring

Not that you would plan on the best man forgetting the real thing . . .

26. Safety pins

For holding together some minor rips and tears

27. Tissues

It's an emotional day for everyone! Whether it be from happy tears, allergies, or a bug that's going around, a good box of Kleenexes will be a godsend.

28. Mirror

Hopefully there are already several of these in the building, but one more wouldn't hurt!

29. Bugspray

We're sure that no bride (or any of her bridal party) wants to smell like bug spray for a wedding ceremony. But a scent-less spray may change their mind when it comes to being exposed to potential mosquito bites.

30. Hairspray

Flyaway management or volume booster . . .hairspray is the answer.

31. Lint roller

Nothing is more of an "ugh" moment than having a nice outfit but discovering that lint found it attractive, as well.

32. Deodorant

Chances are pretty high that somebody forgot to use this in the morning rush. Or desperately needs a second coat.

33. Caffeine

In some shape or form, your bride may be feeling fatigued and need a quick burst of energy.

34. Scissors

You never know when something will snag and need a little snippin'

35. Water/Straws

It's so important to stay hydrated! And for the lipstick wearers, straws will be a sweet perk.

36. Razor

Hey, you never know what bodily grooming was overlooked until now!

37. Krazy Glue

For when tape just won't cut it.

38. Cash

For the vending machine cravings that the granola bar just won't satisfy.

39. Phone chargers/extension cord

This seems to be a rare commodity when girls are together for extended periods of time. Bring some extra phone chargers, and you'll be everybody's hero.

40. Ponytails

Like Bobby pins, these are easily, frequently, and inexplicabily lost and leave long-haired women feeling lost.

41. Toothbrush/toothpaste

For when the cover-up mints/gum just won't do the trick.

42. Alcohol

A little sip of the bubbly might be just what the bride needs to calm herself.


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