The Worst Things to Say to the Bride & Groom

After a beautiful, tear-jerking ceremony, there are a lot of things you want to say to the bride and groom as you walk through the receiving line. "Your dress is absolutely gorgeous!" "I'm so happy for you two." "God bless you in your life together!" "You two could not be more perfect for each other!"

But there are also some things you should probably avoid saying. The Knot website came up with a couple topics to steer clear of:

1. "This must have cost you a fortune!"

You wouldn't want someone asking you how much you spent on a gift. You would probably be taken aback if someone commented on how expensive your house is. And you would probably be slightly shocked if some random Joe flat out asked you about your salary. The same is true of a wedding. Whether small-scale or the whole kit and caboodle, expenses are not really a public topic so try to keep your curiousities to yourself.

2. "So baby comes next, right?"

Don't jump the gun! Each couple's timeline is different, and kids may be a thing of the way, way, way distant future for them. Most newlyweds don't want to think about children right away. Let them focus on their new life together; don't throw kids into the conversation quite yet.

3. "I can't believe you're settling down! I remember when . . ."

Whoops! Let's not bring up their past mistakes. Although you may have grown up with a daredevil, reckless, livin' on the edge kind of troublemaker, he's probably matured into the man she's making her vows to. Chances are that each of them are aware of the other's pasts, but there still may be some sore subjects that shouldn't be brought up at their wedding.

4. "Can you help me with...?"

You obviously care very much about the bride and groom, otherwise you probably wouldn't be invited! So don't created unnessary tasks for them to do when other people are capable of "gettin' er done". Any concern or question you have can be directed to someone who's not celebrating the happiest day of their life.

5. "Why wasn't so-and-so invited?"

Couples have to make lots of difficult decisions to make ends meet. If they have a smaller budget or limited space in their venue, they may not be able to invite her childhood gymnastics coach and the family that he dogsat for.

6. "Wow, when you think about how many couples divorce . . ."

No! Don't put such a downer on their happy day! Divorce is the last thing on new Mr. and Mrs.'s minds so don't even throw it out there. Their love is stronger than statistics!

7. "Tonight's going to be a big night for you, huh?"

Oof . . .don't make any innuendos. A wedding night is a very intimate and personal thing for newlyweds, and unless you're BFF's with them and know exactly how they would react to you saying that, it's best to just not.


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