Top 5 Bridesmaids Trends

When it comes to adorning your bridesmaids, you want your girls to bring it. (Just not as much as you're planning on bringing it).

So, how do you make your best gals look on point with gowns that stay on budget and complement everyone's bodies? It's a tough job, but you're cut out for it.

Bridal Guide blogger Angelica Bragg is always on the look-out for the top of the line wedding fashion. Here's her favorite bridesmaids styles:

1. One-Shoulder Dresses

There's no rule that says your dresses have to be symmetrical! One of the latest crazes is bridesmaids dresses with one shoulder. It provides more support than a strapless dress, and all your girls will appreciate it.

2. Bold, Vibrant Colors

Vibrancy is the way to really pack a punch with shades that pop! Your bridesmaids dresses, along with your decor and flowers, will create a suble contrast along with a striking statement.

3. Mismatched Gowns

One color, different hues. The plus to mismatched gowns is that your ladies get to choose what they're wearing! Each bridesmaid is guaranteed to be 100% satisfied with her attire, because she picked it out herself.

4. Short & Sassy

Elegance can come in long or short gowns. Short dresses are formal and exude beauty, and they have a greater chance of getting second and third uses after the big day is over.

5. Pastels

Soft, light colors will create a sweet and beautiful ambiance that will leave your guests raving about your color palette.

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