10 Unique Wedding Ideas

So you're the woman that likes to do things her own way?

Maybe you were the one that refused to get into the boot craze that every teenage girl seemed to buy into. Everyone around you was obsessed with the boy bands, but you stuck to your 70's soft rock. And while all your friends seemed more than content to turn-up Panama City Beach during spring break, you found nothing more tempting than curling up with a good book and some cookie dough.

Your wedding should be your staple, the perfect combination of everything that represents you and your new hubby. Whethere that be the traditional setting or a not-really-seen-before theme, you do you.

The Knot published a list of 10 wedding ideas that they're guessing you haven't seen before:

1. Airstream Bridal Suite

If nature and the outdoors is where your big day will be held, it's still nice to have a private space for your gals and gents to beautify themselves. A trailer rental is a very doable solution, and offers an area to kick back before the festivities begin. Complete the laid-back atmosphere with lounge chairs set outside for enjoying beverages or just taking a couple deep breaths to calm any nerves.

2. Marching Band Wedding Processional

How many brides and grooms can say they had their own personal parade for their wedding? If your ceremony isn't too far from your reception hall, add to the flair and grandeur by having a marching band play music as people transition from ceremony to supper and dance party.

3. Butler for Escort Cards

This is a great way to step your reception up from "pretty cool" to "the coolest" with a well-dressed gentleman or young lady aiding people in finding their seats. If you have lots of friends you would like to include in your big day, this is a job for one of the ones you couldn't include in the wedding party.

4. Moss Topiary

If you're not the biggest fan of floral arrangments or you've got some space in an outside area, consider having a moss topiary to create a striking addition to your venue.

5. First Dance Sparklers

This would have a similar effect of cell phone screen illumunating a dark concert room as they wave back and forth. Having the lights dimmed or off and sparklers casting a glow on everything around you, your moment will definitely be brightened.

6. Cheese Cake Wheel

You definitely won't see this at very many weddings! You can go your own way for dessert; there's no rule that says you have to have a cake. Cater to people's love of dairy with some classy cheese, served from a tiered tower.

7. Personalized Cake Display

Even though most every wedding since ever has featured cake, how you showcase it is what makes it personal! You can really create a wow factor with adding drapes around the cake or surrounding it with a string of lights.

8. Video Tables

People love to have things to keep them occupied. If people are getting danced out and need to take a breather, video tables are great to peak their interest. Video tables allow guests to look at tables that digitally show clips of your wedding ceremony, your engagement clip, or possibly a slideshow of pictures of the happy couple.

9. Floating Dance Floor

This a trendy, neat thing to do to the floor to make the room seem more spacious. You can even make the floor match your wedding colors. And let's not forget that it will place even more attention on the main attraction - the newlyweds!

10. Cereal Bar

Some people do candy, some do salty snacks, and some do mints. If you expect your reception to go late into the night, it's not a bad idea to have something small but filling, like multiple kinds of the not-just-for-breakfast food.



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