Trivia HotSpots!

1. Which actor played Chandler Bing in the hit TV series FRIENDS?

A) Matt LeBlanc

B) Matthew Perry

C) David Schwimmer

D) Paul Rudd

2. Which mascot do these three colleges share: Rice, Oregon Tech, Temple?

A) Falcons

B) Ducks

C) Hawks

D) Owls

3. In 1995, Montreal’s Greg A. Harris became the first pitcher to do what?

A) Hit a grand slam

B) Hit a walk-off home run

C) Pitch with each hand in a game

D) Get ejected before first pitch

4. In its pure form, the mineral known as quartz is:

A) Clear

B) Yellow

C) Pink

D) Green


Are you the one that nobody wants to face off in Trivial Pursuit? The one that couldn't get enough of Trivia Crack? A frequent viewer of Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?

Trivia Live offers everyone - from trivia junkies to newbies looking to expand their knowledge - a good time. Trivia Live hosts are friendly and keep the game lively, even playing today's hits in between questions.

Here's where you can find Trivia Live each night of the week!

Monday nights at 6:30pm - Taphouse 41 *starting Aug. 17th

Burgers, brews, and bourbon. Taphouse 41 is a brand new bar, located next to Scheel's at Western Ave and 41st Street. The Secret Fork praised their Tier One Burger, saying it is a "very good exemplification of everything a great burger should be". Everybody's talking about Sioux Falls' newest hot spot. Come check it out on Trivia's opening night there on Monday, Aug. 17th!

Tuesday nights at 6:30pm - Eastway Lounge

"Where there is something for everyone". It's a great place to kick back and enjoy your favorite game on the "wall of TVs" or just relax with a buddy and enjoy some adult beverages. A $500 prize is given away every 12 weeks to one lucky Trivia team. Connected to Eastway Bowl, off of 10th Street.

Wednesday nights at 7:00pm - Gateway Lounge

Come check out the newly remodeled lounge, home of the legendary Monster Burger. They are family owned and operated, with a full menu & bar, heated patio, 15 flat screen TV's for all your sporting events, slot machines, a pool table. Last night, one lucky team won a trip to a Twins game, complete with a hotel stay and travel expenses. Get in on the fun and join the fun there next Wednesday, Aug. 12th! Located behind Perkins, off of Gateway Boulevard.

Thursday nights at 8:00pm - BB's Pub N Grill

Formerly known as Nutty's, BB's Pub N Grill is located in Oxbow Village (Westport and 49th). With over 40 beers on tap, BB's is a local favorite. The winning team each night is rewarded with a $40 tab to BB's. Come grab a drink or two, while quenching your thirst for trivia.

Make a night out with your friends into a friendly trivia competition! All are welcome.

Answers to the above questions:

1. B) Matthew Perry

2. D) Owls

3. C) Pitch with each hand in a game

4. A) Clear

Visit Trivia Live's website to see more about teams, scores, and weekly updates


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