Spice Up Your Corporate Get-Together

You lean back in your swivel chair and stretch. You've been working 4 hours nonstop, eyes glued to your computer screen, so you decide it's time to take a break. You make your way over to the place where all the latest gossip is divulged and social plans are solidified. The water cooler.

Everyone is talking about the holiday get together, and they want to throw a big one this year. Christian says his sister can do caricatures, but nothing else. Katie's got an old high school friend that could come do magic tricks, but no one seems too thrilled about that. Scott suggests renting a rock wall, even though half of the employees would definitely not be up for that. As you sip your water, you just smile to yourself, because you've got an idea that you know won't be shot down. You know exactly who to call.

Empire Productions has your next corporate event covered. Whatever your fellow employees are into, whether it be showing off your pipes in a sing-off, karaoke-style, or some friendly competition in your favorite TV games show, we've got it all.

Our casino night parties bring Vegas to you with our professional dealers and tables. We live-host game shows, like Family Feud, so everyone can interact. We offer Extreme Bingo, casino night parties, live-hosted game shows and trivia, photobooths, DJing, and karaoke. Whatever you and your coworkers are feeling, we want to help you kick back and have an epic evening.

For more information or to book your corporate event, call (605) 929-2202 or email Info@sfempireproductions.com.


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