Bride and Groom Feature: Rachel & Riley

Riley and Rachel (Hanten) Haag

Wedding Date: Sat. June 20th, 2015

Wedding Location: Chamberlain, SD

How long you dated: 4 years

Where he's from: Blunt, SD

Where you're from: White Lake, SD

Honeymoon Location: The Hills

1. How did you two meet?

We met at Riley’s sister’s wedding in 2009 while I was the photography assistant. He was still in Dallas at the time and traveling a lot so we just flirted via Facebook.

Riley was back for a good friend’s wedding again in 2010, which I was also the photo assistant for, and we started talking again. When he came back at Christmas time that same year, a mutual friend helped us exchange numbers and meet up, and the rest is history.

2. If you could go back and change one thing about your wedding day, what would it be?

We unfortunately did not get any pictures with just us and our nieces and nephew due to nap schedules and the craziness of our day. One little thing that is oh so important to us!

3. What advice do you have for other couples getting married?

Live in the moment and don’t sweat the small stuff!

4. What is one thing you wish you had known before you got married?

I have been around weddings A LOT for the 4 years I was a photographer assistant so there isn’t too much that I didn’t know before our big day. (I have literally seen it all!) We always told our brides to just roll with the punches because the important thing is that you will be married at the end of the day, and that is just what we did!

One thing that helped me though was a binder with all information in one place, including receipts!! I exchanged and took back so many things throughout the wedding process that it was pretty handy!

5. Can you briefly sum up how the wedding day went?

Our day was crazy, as can be expected, but oh so awesome! Our family and friends surrounded us, and you could feel the love and fun in the air. Overall, I married my best friend and that was the best part!

6. Was there anything unexpected or surprising that happened on your wedding day?

My mother surprised us with a song at our wedding! She is a music teacher and can sing the roof off any building. We had mentioned it once, but she said she wasn’t interested because she “couldn’t make it through” . . .she surprised us anyways. It was an amazing gift and made our day even more special!

7. What was the highlight of your special day?

Rachel: -Saying our vows

-Seeing Riley for the first time

Riley: -1st time seeing Rachel

8. Anything else you would like to add?

Remember to just enjoy your day! All the planning and particulars are just the small stuff that doesn’t even really matter. As long as you get to marry that special person, that is all that matters.

Everything goes so fast so make sure you have as many people document as much as you possibly can so you can piece the different parts of the day together! It is an amazing day and no matter what it will be perfect to the both of you because it is the beginning of forever.

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