Make 'Em Say 'I Wish I Did That At My Wedding'

With so many inspirational and cute ideas circulating Pinterest, it's hard to sort through all that you want your special day to entail. And we all know people (or have maybe said it ourselves) who have said "Man, I wish I did that at my wedding!"

Here's a list that Mon Cheri Bridals compiled to save you from countless hours scouring social media for creative ideas and keep the "what if's" from sneaking in after your big day.

1. Painter that paints a live view of your ceremony

2. A spin-the-wheel with different kinds of "prizes" for the guests

3. Arrange seats in a circular manner so everyone can see the main attraction. To enhance the atmosphere following your ceremony, let Empire Productions design a custom monogram for you to add a personal touch to the head table, wall, and dance floor.

4. Customize coasters for people's drinks

5. Create to-go boxes so they can take treats home with them

6. Make cool hotel door tags for guests who are from out of town

7. Have a creative Mad-Lib RSVP card

8. Post pictures of you and your spouse at different ages corresponding to table numbers

9. Make your ring bearer a ring security man

10. Make or buy an inscribed handkerchief for your flower girl that she can save for when she gets married

11. Add a burst of color in the tool under your dress

12. Instead of throwing rice, consider something more festive, like a push-pop of confetti

13. Compile addresses of all the guests

14. List fun facts about yourselves at the guests' tables

15. Honor guests that couldn't be at your wedding

16. Pin something with sentimental value to your bouquet

17. Use an Instagram hashtag so you can see all the pictures that your guests post from the day. Empire Productions has a hashtag printer available for your big day, and that goes along great with our photobooth printouts.

18. A "Please Call Anyone But the Bride" list of numbers in case members of the bridal party have questions they need answered

19. Include a space for guests to request a song on your RSVP. Empire Productions has several DJs that are friendly and more than willing to play music that fits you and your guests.

20. Play The Shoe Game at the reception for a fun break from the dancing

21. Attach your garter to a football for your hubby to throw

22. Write each other love letters on your wedding day and seal it in a box with some wine. Open it a year or more down the road on an anniversary.

23. Have the groom write a note to the bride on the bottom of her shoe the morning of the wedding

24. . . . Or have the bridesmaids do the same thing! It's said that whoever's name doesn't wear out by the end of the night is the next to walk down the aisle!

25. Give each table a song name or lyric. When that song plays, it can be either their cue to get up and dance or get up and grab some food (if your reception dinner is buffet style).

26. Create a pinata and fill it with notes from your guests from your special day and crack it open on an anniversary

27. Have guests sign a calendar with their birthdays and/or anniversaries.

28. Guests throw darts at paint-filled balloons attached to canvas, and you keep it as a masterpiece afterwards.

29. Leave advice/prediction cards for guests to fill out

30. Number or initial the RSVP cards with a blacklight or regular pen so you know who RSVPed if the writing is illegible

31. Take a picture of the rings on top of a newpaper from the day of your wedding

32. Throw heart-shaped cut-outs from the pages of your favorite childhood book

33. Asking for a donation to the honeymoon fund is a nice way of letting guests know you would rather receive money than registry items

34. Offer guests cake pops that match the theme of your invitations

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