50 Mistakes Brides Tend to Make

You've heard everyone say it: it's all about the bride. Which, if that happens to be you, is probably just fine with you.

But don't let the power go to your head. You've got to keep your head on straight so you can make big decisions. After all, you've got to be thinking clearly so you can communicate how the show's going to be run.

Here's a list of "uh oh's" that brides tend to make:

1. You Don't Put Your Needs First

Although you should consider all people and elements of your big day, ultimately you've got to go with your gut. Because if you're unhappy, chances are the people around you will be too.

2. You Don't Think About Your Guests

If you focus too much on what you want out of your wedding, your guests will feel neglected. Try to put yourself in their shoes to make sure they enjoy your special day too.

3. You Buy Your Dress Before Choosing The Venue

Although the sky is the limit when it comes to your wedding gown, it might be nice to coordinate the level of sophistication of your attire with that of the venue.

4. You're a Dictator About Social Media

It's perfectly OK to instigate a "no cameras or cellphones" during the ceremony, but let's not take that to an extreme and limit their usage before and after the night is over.

5. You Don't Consider a Wedding Planner

So you don't want someone else taking over your planning? That's totally your call! Keep in mind, though, that the week prior to the wedding can be a very hectic time. Finalizing last minute details can keep you preoccupied when you should be focusing on other things. If money is tight, consider hiring a wedding planner by the hour.

6. You Include Your Registry Info on Your Invitations

Believe it or not, word of mouth is still the most effective way to spread

the word about your registry. If you need more outlets then that, a good way to inform people is via a wedding website, such as The Knot.

7. You Jump the Gun in Announcing Your Engagement

Make sure your closest loved ones are in on the big news before you send out a mass text or announce it to the whole world on social media. If you were the mother of the bride, you wouldn't want to find out your little girl is engaged while scrolling through your newsfeed.

8. You Crash Diet

Some brides feel the need to shed a couple pounds before the wedding. There's nothing wrong with striving for a healthy body as long as it's accompished with healthy methods. Don't risk future health problems by doing risky diets with immediate results.

9. There's Significant Time Between the Ceremony and Reception

Sure, you want time with your bridal party to cruise around town in a fancy limo or maybe hit up a bar or two. Keep in mind, however, that your guests are probably heading right to the reception hall and won't want to sit around for an extended amount of time waiting for the party to start.

10. You Feel Obligated to Have an Updo

Although this is the traditional route for brides, you can do whatever "do" you like. If you feel you would look more dazzling with your hair down, you go for it, girl.

11. You Lose Your Engagement Ring

Obviously this instance would create a panic attack in the sanest of brides. Resist the urge to take off your ring anywhere you might forget it (i.e. public restrooms).

12. You Skip Out on Gifts for Your Wedding Party

It may seem like a simple corner to cut, but your bridal party will notice and most likely feel poorly about it, especially if they've been in previous weddings and received a gift then. Even if it's something trite, take the time to show your wedding party how much you appreciate them being there.

13. You Don't Cater to Your Vendors

Yes, your vendors are performing their job, but they're still joining you for your special day. Make sure you're including them in the meal, so they can do their job with high-energy.

14. You Put Single Friends on the Back Burner

Keep in mind that not all of your friends have significant others and may not have dates for the wedding. When organizing place settings for the reception, try not to lump all your single friends at one table. Instead, place them amongst others with similar interests.

15. You Don't Say "Hello" to All Your Guests

Although you'll have a million things on your mind, try your best to greet your guests. They took the time to come honor you and your beau so make sure you thank them for their presence.

16. You Dawdle With Sending Thank You's

It may seem like something that can be put off, but people might feel like they're not a priority or that you didn't appreciate their gift if the thank you's take their time getting to them. Knock those thank you's out as soon as you can!

17. You Don't Take Proper Care of Your Jewelry

Jewelry might seem extremely durable, but it still needs to be handled with care. Avoid having it come into contact with harmful chemical, such as cleaning solutions.

18. You Elope Out-of-the-Blue

A huge wedding extravaganza may not be everyone's up of tea, but make sure that you consider all facets of eloping before you run off together. Getting married is a highlight of life, and you don't want to look back and regret anything.

19. Then You Downplay Your Elopement . . .

If you do decide to elope, realize it's still a big deal. You didn't have 200 guests gazing at you with tears in their eyes, but you still said "yes" to spending the rest of our life to the love of your life. Talk about it with pride!

20. You Set Unoriginal Tables

Even if you're not big on decorating and bringing Pinterest boards to life, try to add some personality to your tables and decorations.

21. You Don't Utilize Paper

We live in an increasingly paperless world, but try not to nix paper invitations and wedding programs. Sometimes keeping old traditions alive is a good thing!

22. You Overdecorate

Remember that you are the focus of everything on your wedding day. It's the one day where that can be said. Don't overwhelm your guests and distract them from you and your new husband with crowded decor.

23. You Limit Yourself When It Comes to Wedding Attire

Understand that you have to be completely happy with your wedding dress. Don't settle for a so-so gown. Find one that makes you feel gorgeous.

24. You're Jealous of Other Bride's Rings

There's a special story behind your ring . . .let other women have their rings with their stories and you have your yours.

25. You Invite Non-Wedding Guests to Your Pre-Wedding Events

Hopefully people will understand that you can't invite everyone you know, but you want to try not to step on any toes. People will be a lot less understanding if you include them in lesser, pre-festivities but not the most-anticipated festivity.

26. You Don't Know Squat About Flowers

Make sure you do at least a little research on flowers so you know the basics and can make well-informed floral decisions.

27. You Don't Schedule Enough Time for Beautifying

Don't rush yourself with this part. Your beauty team will feel rushed if you feel rushed. Make sure you carve out enough time for all your hair and makeup.

28. You Suddenly Become A Pro Baker

We all have our talents and gifts, but it might be best to leave the baking to the professionals. You can try out your hand experimenting in the kitchen sometime, but that time probably shouldn't be when baking for 200+.

29. You Go Trendy With Your Lip Color

Accentuate your natural beauty. Don't go overboard with your lipstick and distract people from your au natural look.

30. You're Dead Set on DIY

Several wedding amenities mean several expenses. Some brides see the solution to that as do-it-yourself. Make sure you have a balance of tasks that you're handling and tasks that you're divying out.

31. You're Too Demanding of Your Photographer

Understand that your photographer is not a superhero, although their previous photos might say otherwise. Don't overwhelm them by booking them too heavily.

32. You Complicate Your Invitations

When in doubt, simplicity is best. Stick to one theme that you really like to make your invites pop.

33. You Don't Set Parental Boundaries

Chances are that both sets of parents, especially the mothers, will want to be heavily involved from engagement to wedding. Although their input is important, gently remind them when they're overstepping their place.

34. You Neglect to Buy Ring Insurance

This may seem like another area to forget about. Don't! Your ring is a tangible symbol of love; treat it as such.

35. You Skimp Out on Eating

This is a huge no-no! You're going to be go, go, going all day . . .make sure that you're eating all your meals and regularly eating small snacks to keep your energy up.

36. You Don't Coordinate Your Bouquet and Your Gown

This seems like an obvious one, but make sure you're not overlooking it. White may appear like it will go with everything but still make sure that you're matching your flowers to it.

37. You Don't Plan Beyond "Per Head"

Remember the extras, like the photographer, caterors, etc. that will be joining you for dinner.

38. You Overuse Hairspray

Yes, you want your hair to stay in place all day long but don't make it into a concrete mess in the process.

39. You Allow Guests to Babble in Their Toasts

Obviously everyone that is present at your reception thinks you're pretty special. It's an important point to make, however, that those that are extra close to you are making toasts, not speeches.

40. You Don't Budget for Hidden Expenses

Always leave a little leeway for minor expenses that may fall through the cracks.

41. You Don't Match Your Decor With Your Venue

If you have a very rustic, country-like venue, it won't make a lot of sense to hang ornate chandeliers and adorn the windows with velvet drapes.

42. Your Spray Tan is Overdone

No bride wants to be the color of a pumpkin on her wedding day. It might be a good idea to test out your spray tan prior to your wedding day, just to make sure the shading is closer to brown than orange.

43. You're Featuring a Cash Bar

To keep your wedding budget doable, most couples aren't too fond of holding an open bar. Viable financial alternatives would be serving two signature cocktails or asking your venue for a package deal.

44. You Don't Schedule Upkeeping Appointments with Your Jeweler

Hopefully their is minimal wear on your ring, but it's always a good idea to have a professional check out all aspects of the rings to make sure it's in good condition.

45. You Forget to Groom Your Eyebrows

Don't neglect the feature that basically shapes your face! If you're not comfortable plucking your own, leave the sculpting to the professionals.

46. You're Not Gentle with Your Ring

As before mentioned, and as you are probably well aware of, your ring is one of your most prized possessions. Even though it's made with high-quality material, keep in mind that it still is breakable!

47. You Ignore Your Ma and Pop

Yes, they've literally been with you from the very beginning. Although your attention will be very divided on your wedding day, make sure you take time to connect with the ones that made it all possible.

48. You Try to Mask Eyesores

There may be a couple areas at your church and/or venue that you're not to keen on, such as the glowing exit sign. You'll probably end up calling more attention to them if you try to hide them so try to just leave them be.

49. You Don't Pay Attention to the Music's Volume

While you may be tearing up the dance floor to your favorite jams, your guests may be struggling to hear each other over the roar of the tunes. Conduct a sound check and choose music that will appeal to all ears.

50. You Bottle Up Anger Over the Little Things

Learn to let the little things go. You've dedicated the last couple months or maybe even years to making this day all that it is. Understand that there are things that are simply out of your control. So kick back and bask in the beauty and wonder that is your wedding day.


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