10 New Color Combos for All Occasions

So, you're putting together your color palette for your wedding. Purples, blues, pinks, oranges . . .you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed because there are millions of colors to choose from. Some look phenomenal together, some are so-so, and some shouldn't even be near each other. How can you pick the perfect combo?

Here's a list of 10 new, bold duos, according to The Knot. Each pair brings sophistication and elegance in their own different way.

1. Emerald and Melon

A strong color like emerald complements a softer shade like melon. Melon gives depth and sustenance to the rich jewel tone. The two create a warm feeling and would go well in an indoor or outdoor environment.

2. Lilac and Dusty Blue

These are cool colors that evoke calm and relaxed feelings. Lilac and dusty blue exude romance and are subtle yet refined when paired with darker colors, such as metallics.

3. Fuchsia and Poppy

Although both are shades of pink, they create a happy visual in any arrangement you might put them in. It's not an obvious pairing, but that's what makes it brilliant.

4. Marsala and Midnight

These darker colors make a sharp contrast against pure colors, like the white that the bride will wear. Marsala and midnight are perfect for an elegant evening occasion or a winter wedding. Make sure you designate which one will be your main color and which will be your accent.

5. Canary and Artichoke

Nothing says summer like yellow and green. Outdoor parties and casual affairs would be well adorned with canary and artichoke.

6. Sage and Peony

Both sage and peony are naturally found in gardens and nature so they give off a floral essence. If your man isn't too fond of soft pink everywhere, let sage be your primary feature with peony as the accent hue.

7. Eggplant and Black

Purple is one of the most popular colors at weddings; eggplant is a way to take your favorite color and make it unique. If black is a little too dark for your wedding day, anchor your palette with eggplant and accent it with black.

8. Mint and Coral

Think fresh and cheerful with this colorful duo. Mint and coral, when placed together, give off a tropical vibe that will make you think you're not so far from the beach.

9. Copper and Persimmon

Copper is a beautiful neutral that can add elegance and sophistication or go the other way by making an event more casual, whichever way you decide to go. Play up the neutrality with a burst of persimmon here and there.

10. Amethyst and Acid Green

Looking for some zing for your big day? Acid green is an eye-catching color, and when paired with a solid color like amethyst, they will make a lively and playful theme. Although the two work great together, a third color can easily be added, as well.


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