Weekend Updates!

Hey readers!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Here's what Empire Productions was up to the past couple days:

Saturday June 27th

Couple: Bryan and Becky (Iwanski) Hall

DJ: Jordan Wenburg

Reception Location: Washington Pavilion

Features: DJ

Highlight: They had an outdoor ceremony on a perfect summer day. Their reception was held in the Washington Pavilion and was very laid-back and chill. Guests enjoyed catching up with one another and the happy couple.

Couple: Dustin and Ashley (Klaassen) Wade

DJ: Tiffany Hooten

Reception Location: Calico Skies in Inwood, IA

Features: DJ, ceremony sound, custom monogram, 4 hour photobooth, head table backdrop

Special moments: "Dustin already had two 17 year-old twins, Brooke & Blake, so they did this cool knot-tieing thing during the ceremony. They each braided their own ropes to signify their unity. Ashley wrote vows to the kids basically saying 'I know I'm not your mom, and I'm not trying to replace your mom. But I'm here for you.' The kids had 'I do' vows too. The pastor asked them if they're willing to support their dad in his marriage and they said they are." -DJ Tiffany Hooten

"Ashley's brother wrote a song & surprised her with that. Her sister rapped her maid-of-honor speech. It was just cool the extent people went to make the day special." -DJ Tiffany

Couple: Nate and Elena (Leshko) Russell

Photobooth Attendants: Ebony Shanklin and Zach Brown

Reception Location: Holiday Inn Express in Brandon, SD

Features: 2-hour photobooth

Theme: Black & gold

Highlight: "The night was a lot of fun! People were using the photobooth nonstop all night." -Attendant Ebony Shanklin

Event: Prime Time Gala

Photobooth Attendants: Ebony Shanklin and Zach Brown

Location: Sioux Falls

Features: 2 photobooths

Theme: Red Carpet

Overview: "It was a fundraiser put on by South Dakota's Cattlemen Foundation for Feeding South Dakota. It was an enormous success, with over 3,600 attendees. Billy Currington and Tyler Farr performed and the event raised $173,184." -Tony

Fri. June 26th-Sat. June 28th

Event: Fort Pierre All Class Reunion

Photobooth Attendant: Tony Axtell

Location: Fort Pierre, SD

Features: All-weekend photobooth

Overview: "It was a huge success. It was basically a 2-day reunion event. Friday night was just a fun, kinda social, interactive time. Saturday morning, from 8am-noon, they took class photos for every class that had graduates there. There were probably about 35 classes represented, as far back as 1945. Every person got their own print. That evening they had an all-you-can-eat buffet dinner. People had a great time reconnecting, catching up, and taking pictures. There were 1600 total prints from the weekend with over 400 people there. It was a really good turnout." -Attendant Tony Axtell

Trivia Live was at BB's Pub N Grill with the Saturday Night League--free to play and features nightly prizes


Visit our Facebook page to see more information and pictures on our latest events and happenings!


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