Vendor Spotlight: Simply Devine

We enjoy working with vendors who are the best of the best. Simply Devine is an expert in wedding planning, and we're going to send it some much-deserved recognition.

This week, we would like to give a shout-out to Simply Devine Weddings & Events for taking a couple ideas and decorations and transforming them into a beautiful wedding.

Event Planner Rebecca Steele was able to tell us a little bit more about their epic event planning and the reason they're so fond of making dreams come true.

1. How long have you been in business?

8 years

2. How many people are part of your team?

Katie and I are the main faces of SD. However, we have a full time florist, Carol, and many other teammates that are amazing and execute stunning weddings. We've had a great team ever since Simply Devine started. We now have 11 women, with 3 new girls: one in high school and two in college.

3. What is the average price range of your products/services?

We customize all of our services per the bride’s wants, needs, and budget. No bride is ever the same.

4. Can you tell us a little about your company's background?

My mom helped me get this started. We started this business as a hobby 8 years ago, and it has grown into an amazing business that we are very blessed to have. I didn't have a huge passion for weddings when I was younger *laughs*. When it came to my own wedding, I knew what I wanted but didn't want to tear it down myself. When I started this company, I had two twin little boys and a full-time job. I've discovered that the word "no" is not in my vocabulary. The word "no" is actually my nemesis *laughs* . . .I just always have to say yes. I'm a very Type A personality. I'm picky, and I like things done right. That's how I do my work!

5. What sets you apart from other businesses in your industry?

We are completely vertically integrated. We do not outsource. Everything is under our roof, and we have complete control of the finished product. Unlike other planners, we rely only upon ourselves. This also gives us a competitive advantage in the marketplace as there are no mark-ups, and we have a full arsenal at our disposal.

A lot of people come to us because we do everything. We're not just planning . . .we do the whole wedding. It's very hands on; we set up and tear down. Brides like that, that we do everything ourselves. And because of that we can control our pricing and fit budgets for brides.

The bride also gets to see all her bouquets and centerpieces for free before the wedding. Then she can see exactly what she's getting and make sure she likes it. That's good for them and good for us because it means our customers are satisfied.

6. What is your primary goal when serving your customers?

Our goal is to provide a perfect wedding day that is stress-free while being budget friendly. We do not plan, we DO. We execute. We do not depend on others to service our customers. We are completely hands on and control our products and services.

Weddings are a lot of work. You always hope people are going to be grateful but often they're not. But it's really awesome, really awesome, to see a whole wedding come together. It makes it all worth it. If a wedding is the same, we're not doing our job. No bride wants the same wedding as another bride.

7. Additional comments:

Although we're located in Huron, 80% of our business is in Sioux Falls. We're very central which means we can better cover all the bases. We do weddings up to 120 miles away from Huron and don't charge for mileage. People sometimes think it would be better if we were in Sioux Falls, but we like being right in the middle. We know what we're doing!

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Facebook: Simply Devine Weddings

Contact information:

Rebecca Steele, Simply Devine Weddings

Phone: 605-461-8873




Simply Devine Weddings

203 Kansas Ave SE

Huron, SD 57350

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