Top 10 Bachelorette Party Ideas

So your BFF is getting married, and that once-in-a-lifetime, dream day is drawing closer and closer. And it's up to you to throw her a bachelorette party that she will love.

Don't sweat it! Here's some ideas for personalizing the party to her tastes. If a pub crawl isn't really her scene, don't worry. There are plenty of other ways to treat her and her gals to a good time!

1. Camping

For that nature-loving bride that's not afraid to get a little bit of dirt on her shoes. You can set up camp outside in tents or stow away in a cabin for the weekend. Nature offers countless things to do, including: hiking, rafting, kayaking, and bicycling. Don't forget the must-haves of any wooded excursion: hot dogs, chips & dip, drinks, and s'mores supplies, of course.

2. A Traveling Party

Maybe the soon-to-be Mrs. is really passionate about travel. Celebrate her final days as a single woman by jetting her off on a destionation trip!

Here are the top 10 destinations that bachelorette parties hit up:

1. Las Vegas - for the party girl

2. Miami - for the girl looking to get a little sun-kissed

3. New York City - for the city girl

4. New Orleans - for the die-hard music fan

5. Napa Valley - for the wine enthusiast

6. Austin - for the girl who loves live shows

7. Charleston - for the appreciator of fine architecture & cuisine

8. Scottsdale - for the girl who loves scenery

9. Atlantic City - for the East Coast girl at heart

10. Chicago - for the cosmo girl

3. A Winery Tour

Maybe your best pal isn't a fan of crowded bars but still wants to enjoy some classy wine. It's a great time for refinement and socializing. Organize a tour of a winery and then maybe follow-up with a fancy dinner out.

4. Lingerie-making

This is perfect for that do-it-herself kind of bride. To the one that likes to make her own everything, why not have a little fun with crafts? Buy some basic lingerie and have the guests bring their own sequins, jewels, glitter, etc. to bedazzle it.

5. A Spa Day

Every bride experiences stress, at least a little bit. Help her unwind with a day at the spa. For the cherry on top, complete the outing with massages, facials, and pedicures/manicures.

6. Zip-lining

If your bride enjoys a little adventure, take her and the crew out zip-lining. You'll be sure to have fun and get a rush as you soar through the trees. Keystone, SD has a couple zipline locations for the adventurous spirits. If zip-lining isn't really her thing, you could try parasailing or even bungee-jumping, as long as the other ladies in your group are up for the thrill.

7. A Slumber Party

On a tight budget? Not a problem. Because what woman doesn't have have fond memories of her childhood sleepover days! Rent a couple chick flicks, pop some popcorn, break out the Cheetos, kick back and just enjoy each other's company.

8. A Wellness Retreat

Maybe your best friend is the athletically-inclined type, or possibly just hoping to be a little more relaxed for her big day. Treat her to a wellness retreat where the sky is the limit. Go to a yoga class, pilates class, or meditate in a calm environment. Sign your group up for a color run and create some fun memories and color-stained white tees to go along with it.

9. Music Festival

So the bride loves, like really loves, her music. Then she would love going to a live concert! Do a little research and see if there's any local performers that she might fancy. Check out a nearby music festival and rent out a house to keep the entertainment going all weekend.

10. A Day on the Boat

For the water-loving girl, take her out on the boat. Tubing, water skiing, and wakeboarding are fair game if she's a fan of active activities. Simply coasting along while enjoying the coast isn't half bad either.

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