Trivia Live: Interactive Trivia for Everyone!

Who doesn't love some good clean trivia competition!

All that seemingly useless knowledge you learned back in school (or maybe even the stuff you didn't learn in school) that you thought you'd never need . . .well we've got a chance for you to show off that brain of yours!

Trivia Live makes trivia fun with a live, hosted trivia game, shown in the comfort of your favorite local drinking establishments. Grab your friends and come out and join us for a night of fun, facts, and frivolity!

The rules are simple, the prizes attainable.

Come game time, the questions appear on TVs all across the bars. The game host will read the questions aloud and then walk around and pick up the contestants' answer sheets. The game consists of 8 fun-filled, brain teasing rounds, with 4 questions in each. The first 3 questions of each round are risk-free, which means players can get answers wrong without losing points *phew!*

The last question of each round is worth 30 points BUT if you get it wrong, you lose all the points from that round. Players always have the option to write "pass", which means they will gain and lose nothing. There are several different categories to stimulate your brain, including:

•Hometown Facts


•Strange Facts

•Hollywood Challenge

•Are We There Yet

•Who's That Star

•This Year in History



•Special media rounds with video clips in

•Who Scene It

•Name That Tune

The final question is jeopardy style. The host will read each team's points and give the category. Contestants can gamble all their points if they're feeling lucky or play it safe and pass.

As if that isn't enough, there's nightly prizes too! Winners will never leave without smiles on their faces.

Trivia Live games can last anywhere from 2-2 1/2 hours and can have as little as 6 teams to as many as 40 teams. You can play solo or form a team of four to take on your neighboring tables.

You will laugh, cry, and say I told you so several times each night as your team works towards winning the championship prize!

This interactive trivia game is purely for having a good time! It's a way to unwind with a couple drinks and some friends. Forget about your social media for a while and "unplug and reconnect"!

Wondering about where to find us? Here's where and when we set up shop:

•Tuesday-Eastway Lounge 6:30 pm

•Wednesday-Gateway Lounge 7:00 pm

•Thursday & Saturday-BB's Pub N Grill 8:00 pm

So, bring as many friends as you can to form the ultimate trivia team! Who knows, you may win some prizes while having all this fun. Come join the fun and meet new friends at Trivia Live events!

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