10 Things Guests Should Avoid Doing at Weddings

A couple's wedding day is the most anticipated day of their life together. It's also a celebration of the life journey they will travel together, and it all starts in front of a crowd of people.

This crowd is made up of the people who love the couple most in the world (hopefully no wedding crashers manage to sneak in, as wedding bouncers are very hard to come by), and hopefully they're nothing but supportive. But sometimes, people get a little carried away and end up tainting the couple's happy day by doing the following 10 big "no no's".

1. Deviating from a schedule

The bride and groom have poured countless hours into making sure this day goes off "without a hitch" (but, ironically, the goal is to get hitched). When members of the bridal or groom's party, assistants, or any other helpers are tardy, it's a chain effect that makes other things on the to-do list late. The bride and groom are probably already stressed out and don't need their support group making that any worse.

2. Winging a wedding speech

You can get away with winging a high school PowerPoint presentation. You can maybe get by with winging a job interview at your local diner. You cannot get away with winging a wedding speech. As a maid of honor or best man, it's your job to successfully capture the essence of the couple and communicate that to the guests. If you try to wing it, chances are you'll get sidetracked or end up sharing information that's not relevant. Stick to a couple main points and keep it short and sweet. And if all else fails and you forget your speech, just start crying and say, "I love you guys!"

3. Wearing white

Unless you're the bride, you shouldn't be wearing white. White is traditionally the color of wedding dresses, and the bride has been waiting her whole life to be the only one in white on her wedding day. The human eye can detect 7 million different colors . . .so there are 6,999,999 other colors for you to wear that will look just fine on you.

4. Stiffing the bartender

Often times couples like to have an open bar at their reception. This does not mean that you're off the hook for tipping. The bartender is still providing a service for you when he could be doing other things, like ripping it up on the dance floor.

5. Getting drunk

Huge no no. This day is all about the couple. How you choose to handle your alcohol on your own time is your choice, but the couple would definitely not appreciate their special night being upstaged by guests' intoxication. Be respectful of the Mr. and Mrs. and mind your liquor intake.

6. Complaining about the food

Couples and their families put a lot of thought and effort into picking the food but won't be able to please every guest. So if the cuisine isn't agreeing with your taste buds, keep your comments to yourself.

7. Hogging the bride and groom

Chances are you're not the only guest there (if you are, something has gone terribly wrong). Many guests come from far away or haven't seen the bride and/or groom since they were itty bitty and want catch-up time too. The bride and groom would be there all night if they spent 20 minutes chit-chatting with every person, so make sure you're conscious of how long you talk to them.

8. Getting too aggressive during the bouquet toss

We all know that single ladies can get kind of crazy. There's a time and place for that, but it's not during the bouquet toss. Although it's said to reveal who the next lucky bride will be, we all know that it's just for fun. Hey ladies, let's keep it civil and save the pulling of hair and clawing for . . .um . . .never.

9. Buying gifts that weren't on the registry

The couple knows better than anyone what their new residence is going to need. Don't get unique with presents unless that was clearly stated on the registry. Stick to cash or a check if you are feeling creative. Or if you're feeling like thinking outside of the box, get a box and put cash in it.

10. Stealing souvenirs from the wedding decorations

Apparently people really do this. Before you embrace your kleptomaniac tendencies, remember that whatever you slip away with, the bride and groom are going to end up paying for. The lace baggies of M&M's at your place setting are complimentary, the vase holding the flowers is not.

Avoid these 10 don'ts and you should be invited to many more weddings to come! (Hopefully just the one of that couple, though).

Cooperstein, P. (2014, March 6). 10 things NOT to do at a wedding. Retrieved June 1, 2015, from http://www.cnn.com/2014/03/06/living/10-wedding-guest-rules-matrimony/

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